Denise Campbell for West Virginia State Senate

Denise Campbell is a candidate for WV Senate 11th Senatorial District for Randolph, Pocahontas, Nicholas, Upshur, Pendleton, Webster, and Grant Counties. She began her political career years ago when she noticed that elected officials seemed more concerned about the large corporations and organizations rather than the voices of the average people in the communities. Campbell represents the true spirit and passion of local communities and strives to be the voice that the people need.

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A leader who believes in the power of West Virginia & Its People


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Roads & Bridges

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Affordable & Reliable Healthcare

With experience in the healthcare field as a nurse and nursing professor, Denise Campbell understands the importance of healthcare for all West Virginians. She will work with state legislatures to ensure that people have access to more affordable, better-quality health insurance and better treatment plans. Campbell will listen to your concerns about healthcare and work to improve the healthcare system for seniors, and people of all ages. Everyone deserves access to affordable insurance that pays his or her medical bills. In the past Campbell has fought to fund PEIA insurance. And she will continue to fight for not only PEIA insurance, but for insurance to cover the hard-working Americans in the 11th district of West Virginia. She is a proud advocate of Medicaid, Mental Health, and Children’s Issues. She was an advocate for the ABLE Act in West Virginia and is proud that West Virginia was the first state to approve it. This allows those with disabilities to have more options. Let Denise Campbell fight for you in office to improve West Virginia healthcare.

Public Education & Resources

Denise Campbell is passionate about fighting for our teachers and driving West Virginia’s public education to the next level. Campbell’s education plan consists of getting the politics out of the classroom and letting teachers teach. With technology as the forefront of our generation, Denise Campbell will vote to have faster Internet access and more reliable computers in every school to ensure that children of rural WV have the tools they need to succeed. She will be the voice of teachers and vote to raise salaries to attract the best educators. Denise Campbell believes that an investment in education, teachers and students equals an investment in the future of West Virginia.

The Working Class & Fair Wages

When the hard working class of our region are not provided with the wages they deserve it directly affects us all. As a working mother and the daughter of a DOH mechanic and the granddaughter of a coal miner, Denise Campbell understands that the working class is the heart of West Virginia. She understands that to grow the local WV economy, the hard working class of the region needs to be provided with fair wages. Unlike Republicans, like Senator Greg Boso, who voted to take away prevailing wages in WV, Campbell will fight for the wages and respect of the working class.

Senior Care & Rights

Denise Campbell has a long history of protecting seniors in her district and is grateful for the hard work and sacrifices they have made to better the communities of West Virginia. Campbell has sponsored and endorsed bills aimed at protecting senior rights and believes that no senior should be exploited. She will listen to the concerns of seniors and would like to continue supporting seniors rights in office.

Roads & Bridges

To prepare West Virginia for future growth, Denise Campbell plans to invest in roads and bridges to make rural areas more accessible and to improve already existing transportation routes. Roads are the baseline for travel, tourism, importing and exporting goods, and more. Updated roads will help bring new jobs into West Virginia along with tourism, which will stimulate the economy. Vote Denise Campbell for West Virginia State Senate to invest in your future.

I am in support of the FFA and our local farming communities. I have been generously given the Harmon and Elkins High School Honorary Degree, and a West Virginia Regional State Honorary Degree of 2015. I advocate for farmers and farming in our communities. I will always put my vote in favor of farmers and their needs. Let me be the voice for your future. #VoteCampbell4WVSenate ... See MoreSee Less

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